I'm a performing artist, songwriter, painter and business mentor for high-achieving, conscious, & creative individuals WHO WANT TO BUILD THE CAREER OF THEIR DREAMS.


Feel freer, more empowered, and more creative than ever before?

Access and trust your intuitive self?

Build confidence in public speaking?

Pick up music lessons again that you took as a child or in college or start from scratch?

Polish off your professional performances or speaking engagements?

Write and record your own songs?

Be supported as you open yourself up and express your true, authentic self?

Get past feeling that you're too old or it's too late?

Transform your life from black and white to color?

Elevate your life by design and feel inspired?









  • Get clear on how to blend your passions, skills and experiences into a viable service & run a profitable creative business or career as an artist
  • Identify who your ideal clients are and how you can best serve them
  • Validate your market research to figure out what your target audience really wants and will pay for
  • Uncover your authentic voice and refine your message so you can communicate easily and clearly with your ideal client


  • Step into vulnerable, intimate openness and expand your capacity to be the fullest expression of your essential self

  • Choose to live in faith, trust, and the unknown to fuel the leap of faith required to achieve your deepest desires

  • Up-level your sense of self-worth

  • Overcome your resistance to change

  • Break through limiting beliefs

  • Explore how confident you are in showing up in the world


  • Find your true voice and build a strong foundation in voice, piano, guitar, and electronic music instruments, including midi controllers and the TC Helicon Voice Live instruments, and software programs, including Ableton Live and Logic

  • Learn foundational recording and mixing techniques, including EQ, compression, panning, level balancing, reverb and special effects.

  • Explore writing melodies and harmonies, arranging, exercise lyrical ideas, and organize and plan ideas

  • Develop your own style, express yourself, connect with and emotionally move your audience

  • Build healthy habits and structured practice methods


  • Master the secrets to productivity, systems and structures that protect your freedom like the successful CEO that you are
  • Delegate like a professional and effectively manage your time (even with a small budget)
  • Create a morning routine & evening routines that set you up daily for being productive, successful and joyful
  • Discover how to build your wildly successful business alongside a demanding day job without losing your sanity or give up on life completely!



  • 12 one-on-one 60-minute sessions for individual feedback and accountability
  • Inspired action assignments
  • Priority email access
  • Business support - you'll get all the resources, workbooks, PDF guides, reading lists and other Biz know-how that you'll ever need
  • Access to workbooks, reading lists, resources, and tools that I've used in my own development
  • My custom welcome pack to clarify goals and business direction before we even begin
  • Experienced artistic support to help you realize any creative projects you're undertaking
  • Career starter and lifestyle reinvention kit created to help you up-level to the successful creative entrepreneur you desire to be by having a lifestyle makeover and clearing the necessary space you need to be successful

PLUS the following bonus gift:

90-minute Breakthrough Intensive

Before we start your 90-day package, we'll go deep and uncover and flip the switch on the limiting beliefs that are blocking you from creating the life of your dreams. This is the most incredible way to dive into your transformation. During this breakthrough intensive, we'll create an actionable strategy that you can implement immediately - this is your moment of radical transformation!


Find your true voice. Lessons are catered to your individual needs and will help you to build a strong foundation in vocal and instrumental technique and creative expression. We will practice breathing fundamentals, posture, tone production, articulation, and delivery, which will enable you to increase your range, stamina, and overall vocal facility. Lessons are either in-person or online.

I like to keep things simple: Singing better simply means to be able to do more of the things you want to do with your voice and to do them reliably. This means singing with more range, better tone, stamina, passion, volume and power as well as singing in tune and without pain. Ultimately, it means using your singing voice freely and expressing in ways that is uniquely you.

Since your body is your instrument, your voice needs the right kinds of exercise and approach to bring it up to peak performance. Whatever degree of improvement satisfies your singing goal, that’s adequate. And that’s what I consider the purpose and goal of technique – to sing what you want to sing in the way you want to sing it and maintain your vocal health. For those of you who perform there is one more step: To express yourself, connect with and emotionally move your audience.

Our joint purpose is to help you discover your unique voice, and the lessons always reflect your creative goals. All levels and styles are welcome. Contact me with questions or to schedule an introductory lesson. My students have found themselves achieving vocal and musical breakthroughs in time as little as one-two lessons. There's a wealth of practical knowledge included in every lesson, and you take it all home with you as we record your lessons. It's also important to enjoy the journey. My students and I laugh A LOT.

Lessons are catered to your individual needs and will help you to build a strong foundation in vocaland instrumental technique and creative expression. We practice breathing fundamentals, posture, tone production, musicality, and delivery, which will enable you to increase your range, stamina, performance skills, and overall vocal and musical facility.


My songwriting students explore arranging, write to feature their vocal strengths, exercise lyrical ideas, and organize and plan ideas. Guitar and piano students study chord shapes and technique.

I've been teaching for eleven years to professionals and hobbyists alike. Whether the goal is to prepare for a recording or a performance, ace an audition to a music school, or develop a passion, my students have achieved their set goals and enjoyed the process. I've been performing professionally for 23 years, am a full-time singer now, and I also check in and take lessons with my master teachers from time to time to stay on track. I'd love to share what I've learned with you.



  • have won the Amateur Night at the Apollo Theater: Making a Star
  • are professional songwriters signed with Sony BMG Entertainment
  • have garnered 70K plays on Soundcloud in two days after a release
  • were accepted into the Conservatory of Music at Brooklyn College
  • have written and performed music at their weddings - after taking a fifteen-year break from music and without having had prior voice lessons
  • have gained confidence through undertaking musical study and been offered their dream jobs
  • have written original musical theater pieces
  • have started with ZERO music experience and are now preparing to sing in New York City jazz clubs
  • are building confidence with their public speaking skills for professional presentations


I've been performing opera, jazz, pop, and electronic music for 24 years and teaching for 11 years throughout the United States, Canada, France, England, Austria, and Italy. I've created my life and career on my own terms, enabling me to travel, collaborate with other creatives around the world, produce meaningful artistic work, and help others build the careers of their dreams.


I've been told NO over and over and over again. I have been rejected countless times for being me.

I simply decided to take a leap of faith and go after what I desire, even if I don't know if I will be supported and even if the money isn't there. I've found that things always have a way of working out and what's on the other side is exponentially more powerful and rewarding.

I've learned that if you haven't done the emotional and spiritual work necessary to make yourself AVAILABLE to bring music and art into your life and create the life of your dreams, ANY tool will be useless.

Once you shift through that fear and self-doubt and implement a proven approach to confidently and safely show yourself, your work and life will become fun and inspiring, and you'll finally be able to enjoy the freedom, passion, and abundance that you've always dreamed of living.

If you answered, "yes," "yes," and "yes" again, and if you're feeling more excited with each moment that passes, then click the "book your complimentary call" button to get started right away.


Or, you can choose to go back to life as usual.

Back to frustration, fear, and wondering why you weren't one of the "lucky ones" who were "naturally creative and free."

You'll continue to struggle every day and watch your dreams pass you by.

You'll wonder why your efforts aren't creating results.

NOW is your moment to...



"I recommend Mary without qualification to anyone from the casual singer/strummer to the advanced musician or studio geek who wants to up their game to the next level. I came to Mary as a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who wanted help with singing/vocals. A few things were apparent from the beginning: she is a creative, patient, yet demanding teacher with a razor-sharp ear and an endless bag of similes, metaphors, and visual and mental techniques to get across the point she's trying to explain (which is all aimed at coaxing the best out of you in each lesson). I've had many music teachers over the years, and it is rare to find one who combines vast knowledge of music theory and the fundamentals/techniques of their particular instrument with the ability to translate and teach all of this effectively. Mary is exactly this type of teacher. I also appreciate that her passion and enthusiasm for music and creativity practically oozes out of her pores, and in the year+ that we've been working together she's challenged me to not only improve my vocals but develop my songwriting skills using Logic." - Julia J.

"There is something about her ability to hear what I am doing, maybe to even hear merely what I intend, and boiling it down to workable and usable elements. She not only makes the most of where I am musically and with my busy schedule, she always finds a slice of exactly what I need, a piece of what's usefully available. In that way Mary just amazes with her gifts and talents and good nature. So if I don't thank and recognize her enough, let me do it now. Thanks!" - Johnny G.

"Mary takes the time to find out exactly what you want to work and/or develop on and builds a custom lesson plan that is never boring and always engaging. Her vast expertise and passion for music makes her the perfect instructor and her studio space makes for a great atmosphere with musical instruments readily available. She is always on time and very flexible when it comes to scheduling appointments. So if you are a beginner that’s just starting to sing, or an experienced musician looking to grow as a professional, Mary is the perfect guide." - Sar D.